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The illegal distribution of movies had always been the Holy Grail of online pirates. No other business sector gets more involved in piracy than the cinematic industry. It’s not only that blockbusters are leaking out and available on torrent sites sometimes even before premiere night. Indie movies, furthermore even garage movie makers are also affected by this issue, leaving them no hope to monetize on their pieces of film.

Did you know?
- The Game of Thrones season premiere was pirated 54 million times in 24 hours.

Movie piracy is a multi-billion dollar loss of the cinematic industry only in the US every year. From Hollywood super production companies to tiny firms it is a neverending struggle to move off their unauthorized content from the web. Yet the movie business is still a huge financial monolith and is far from being bankrupt. Imagine if their files would be protected from online piracy - what a boost that could mean economically to many sectors connected to the movie industry.

Torrent Detective helps its clients to protect their data. It is a perfect solution from small production firms to the biggest movie ventures.

Torrent Detective can seek movies on torrent sites and closed social media groups and remove them by a complex DMCA removal process. Moreover, we can remove Google search results for your unauthorized movies making them impossible to find even if they’re up somewhere on the Word Wide Web. This is a perfect solution to protect you movies from piracy - thus saving you a lot of money actually every second!

Our Legal Partner
White Summers

White Summers Caffee & James (WSCJ) is one of the West Coast’s leading boutique corporate and international law firms. They work with companies and executives globally from our offices located in the Silicon Valley, Portland, OR, San Francisco, and Budapest.

They have been in business for over 18 years, and over that time we have contributed to the success of innovate companies such as Anki, Redbooth, Tesla, OluKai and SOL Republic.

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