New feature alert: Torrent Detective is monitoring closed Facebook groups too!

Aiming to protect publishers’ books and music (for now…;) ) we’ve developed Torrent Detective’s algorithm to seek unauthorized content on torrent sites, and remove them by using complex DMCA removal solutions.

Now we made a big step forward, as from now on we’re not only able to search your data on torrent sites.

There are many closed Facebook groups where users of the social media giant are sharing unauthorized content with each other – books, and first and foremost music.

The sharp devs of Torrent Detective developed an awesome new feature and now we’re able to find and remove illegal files in closed Facebook groups as well!

So if you’re a publisher or you’re acting on behalf of a publisher, you can use our services to seek out illegally shared releases of yours on torrent sites AND Facebook groups now.

Torrent sites are of course still the biggest leaks on your purse, but a lot publishers (let that be an indie music composer or a bigger book release firm) are losing a lot of money on Facebook groups as well.

We presented this new feature to around 50 book publishers on Hungary’s MKÉSZ (Advocacy of Hungarian Book Publishers) event where we received great feedback about it.

So if you have the same problem don’t hesitate to contact us today, we’re here to help you with a quick and affordable solution to protect your books and music!

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