Torrent Detective on Tech & Roll!

Hungary is hosting some of the biggest festivals of the region, so no surprise many startups are being established focusing on the music industry. There are not less than 3 startups (Bandmap, TicketNinja and Torrent Detective) around currently that is about to revolutionize the music industry like real rokkarollas! And we’re only one of them 😉

Tech & Roll is a music industry innovation meetup series. We took part on the event in 3 different cities in Hungary (Debrecen, Eger and Győr) where besides presenting our solution to the professionals of the music industry we also participated in the round table discussion of the events afterwards.

The audience of the meetup series was first and foremost fulfilled by tech savvy young entrepreneurs, musicians and people from the local cultural life and even underground influencers.

Presenting on Tech & Roll was a lot of fun, but more importantly gave us feedback that Torrent Detective is set on the right track. Many important participants of the music industry showed interest in our solution, gave us feedback about demanded features of the software and it’s overall look & feel, so we have enough ammo now to come up with some awesome new solutions of Torrent Detecive soon! So stay tuned! 🙂

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