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About us...
Torrent Detective is a revolutionary solution to protect your online releases. Nowadays torrent sites and other illegal data distribution platforms are very commonly used to obtain unauthorised content. Our online anti-piracy solution stops publishers from losing money.
Our proprietary algorithm seeks and detects online releases on torrent sites. We spot your illegally distributed releases and use DMCA removal services to protect your data. Torrent Detective covers Enterprise level solutions to publisher corporations. Our team of professionals will assist you to take down your illegally distributed releases and maintain data security.
We provide you with many useful insights about your illegally distributed online data that not just serves the safety of your releases but can even come handy to other departments of your firm as well (marketing and sales for instance).
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What do we do?
We monitor hundreds of public and private BitTorrent sites

BitTorrent is not just a software for downloading torrents. It is a peer-to-peer communication protocol used for data distribution on the internet. There are countless sites using this technology to share unauthorized data.

We monitor closed and hidden Facebook groups

Beside torrent sites, we also monitor Facebook groups (even closed ones) and we're able to find and remove your unauthorized content from there as well!

We download and analyze metadata from these sites NON-STOP
We seek out data sharing pirate sites and monitor data that is being distributed on them. This is how we detect your unprotected content and releases.
We identify the whereabouts of seeds and peers (soon)
We don’t just give you a list of domains or some overcomplicated info about your unprotected releases. We let you know the geographical location of uploaders and downloaders of your content, so you’ll know which part of the globe is mostly interested in your releases.
All links found are going through Human Verification
To be sure that you only get valid information from us, we manually check the incoming data in order to deliver you the best value for money antri-privacy solution.
Intelligent client reporting
On your interactive dashboard you’ll be able to follow up data protection efforts any time.
Detailed stats about your online content (soon)
Geo locations, identified data distribution sites, and the frequency of the unofficial sharing of your releases is at your sight at a click of a button.
Complex DMCA removal and Google search hit removal solution

Using the Data Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) we protect your content by removing them from torrent sites.

We're not only removing your protected content from torrent sites, but even delete them from Google search results for no extra cost. This way it will be much harder for data seekers and pirates to find you unauthorized content online.

I want to protect my content
Why torrents?
It’s a common tendency that unauthorised content is first being distributed on torrent sites and just leaks to other illegal data sharing platforms thereafter. So it is very likely that illegal content detected and removed in time will not appear on other sites.
We can search and detect releases on torrent sites very accurately, therefore the removal of such content is much more effective.
We can also remove content from the results of search engine hits (Google Search, just to name the biggest) on demand. We unindex the search results to say so. Therefore users won’t find links to your content on torrent sites even if they search for them.
How do we remove your content?
How do we remove your content? - Step 1
We send a takedown notice to the torrent site first. In most cases a simple warning is enough - nobody wants to get in trouble, especially today as data protection regulations are getting more and more serious.
How do we remove your content? - Step 2
We send a takedown notice to the operator/host/server provider of the torrent site if the 1st step does not result in taking down your content. It’s like telling the body there is a tick on it. Most likely the host will take care of problem.
How do we remove your content? - Step 3
If there is no reaction to this, the next step is an abuse notice towards the domain provider of the torrent site. It’s like telling the CMO there is thief in the company.
How do we remove your content? - Step 4
In the unlikely case your content won’t be removed, we send an abuse notice to the IP provider of the torrent site. It’s like telling the CEO somebody is faking the books.
How do we remove your content? - Step 5
As a final solution we’ll take serious legal action (on demand of our clients) and turn to the authorities to take care of the case.
Our Legal Partner
White Summers

White Summers Caffee & James (WSCJ) is one of the West Coast’s leading boutique corporate and international law firms. They work with companies and executives globally from our offices located in the Silicon Valley, Portland, OR, San Francisco, and Budapest.

They have been in business for over 18 years, and over that time we have contributed to the success of innovate companies such as Anki, Redbooth, Tesla, OluKai and SOL Republic.

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